15 Dating Tips from History That Could Enhance Your Love Life

11. Grabbing a girl, literally

Dating Tips

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Some gypsy tribes in Central Asia and Africa had an unexpected ritual known as grabbing. Gypsy girls were known for their chastity and were not allowed to date. If a boy liked a girl and the latter clandestinely reciprocated the feelings, he would just grab her away from the parents. It would have been considered a crime today but verbal coercion does help sometimes, of course within limits. No wonder some dating tips were weird back in time.

12. Monthly Valentine’s Day

Dating Tips

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South Korea, for many years now, has been celebrating the 14th of each month as a Valentine’s Day. The day in every month holds a special significance, like a day for singles, a day for forgiveness, and a day to just hug. Everybody has something to celebrate, irrespective of their relationship status. But only girls gift things to guys on 14th February, while for the rest of the year, it’s the other way round. How about observing a special day of togetherness every month with your beloved? That’s some interesting dating tips nonetheless.

13. Learning a woman’s anatomy

Dating Tips

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One of the most astonishing dating tips comes from the 19th century French author Honore de Balzac. In his treatise titled The Physiology of Marriage, suggested men to dissect women to uncover the secrets of a loving and successful marriage. The moot point here is to understand the mind of a woman during courtship to build a solid bond.

14. Being considerate to your spouse’s peeves

Dating Tips for Women

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Greek author Plutarch, in Moralia, writes that some people get annoyed by seemingly trivial things like some sounds or colors. It’s the duty of the other partner to make minor adjustments so that there’s a comfortable space for the relationship to grow. No wonder this is one of the most practical dating tips even today.

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15. Keeping her in good humor

Dating Tips

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Plutarch says that love and marriage is all about two individuals joined as one. In Advice to the Bride and Groom, Plutarch tells men to spend time with their partners, have fun, and laugh with them. It’s the foundation of a healthy relationship. Else, the woman may hunt for fun elsewhere.

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